todos and questions to get journler working again and maintainable?

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    If we want to get Journler working again on 10.12 and future versions of mac os x. Some work and research has to be done first.

    To start off with: i never looked into the Journler code and architecture.

    Given the current functionality:

    todo/question1: get current journler version working again?
    An overview has to be made: what has to be done to get the current version working on 10.12?
    And is this achieveable..?

    todo/question2: howto get journler maintainable?
    Are conceptual changes nescessary (and which) to get journler maintainable?
    Are there/should there be modules/layers?
    Can existing open source frameworks be used for parts of the application?
    The apps structure should be flexible/plugable/…… to make it as future proof as possible.

    todo/question3: what should be altered to journler to make it a nowadays/modern application?
    Special attention to the data/storage layer i guess.
    Additional functionality?


    I think we should make some outlines on these topics.

    Necessary conditions to make it a realistic and feasible effort:
    – if possible: let the app make an evolution not a revolution.
    – don’t set to big goals
    – make a plan on how to get there step by step (growth path?)
    – and Phil Dow’s collaboration, because he knows the app and its limitations. Otherwise to get a clear picture of the current stat of the app, might already be too much of an effort.

    Just my 2 cents to give Journler’s resurrection a start.

    And please be honest with me. If you think this effort is totally ridiculous and/or that it is not realistic to get Journler working and future proof again. Please just say it.



    @erikv2: Thanks for your post. In my opinion, you should not count on Phil Dow’s collaboration because his talent is best devoted to his other project(s). (I say that as someone who has already migrated away from Journler but who still holds out hope that we will see at least one more great app from Phil in the future.) I don’t know enough about macOS development to say anything about how to get Journler working on 10.12.



    Just to let you know: For me Journler works (with restrictions) on macOS 10.12.5 (Journler 2.6b4). It often quits unexpectetly and it would be fine if it would run stable. But it runs.



    I am able to get JournlerAgain to launch, which is a recompiled version Journal by Chris Ravenscroft. It works ok, but will crash when you try to open certain media types. It’s several years old, but i’m still able to find JournlerAgain on the web at

    Maybe this is helpful to recompile for Sierra?



    If you can afford the expense, you can still order Snow Leopard Server from Apple but only by phone. They now only charge around $20. You then need a version of Parallels or VMWare that runs in 10.12, into which you would install SLS – this will be a greater expense. Having done that, you can run Journler much better in 10.6. Another advantage is that you will be able to run PPC applications using the Rosetta virtualiser.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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