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    My Mac crashed and when the sweet techies fixed it for me they upgraded it to Sierra. Now, all of my Journler entries are in 550+ separate little folders on my desktop and I cannot open them, because Journler won’t work. Are there any apps out there where I can recover my precious memories from the past six years?

    Many thanks to any computer wizard who can help a computer-illerate-sista out. <3 Being able to see my poetry again would be amazing.




    There are several facts you could help with:

    1. What Mac is it? (Model number if possible, or model type and year, e.g. iMac 2011, MacBook 2016, etc)

    2. Which OS were you upgraded to Sierra from?

    3. Do you still have a folder in your Application Support folder called “Journler”? If so, what’s in it?

    4. Is Journler in your Applications folder? If so, which version?

    5. Did you do backups of your previous data, e.g. in Time Machine, and if so do you still have them?

    Meanwhile, create a folder on your desktop called “Journler Entries” and scoop up all those entry folders (which would be called Entry 1, Entry 2, etc, right?) and put them into this new folder.

    What you do next depends on your answers to 1-5, and just exactly how computer illiterate you are!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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