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    I definitely have Journler working on 10.9.5. I’d like to know if I should do a data migration out of Journler before I do an OS upgrade…. I’m likely to go to 10.12.x with my upgrade. I already see that someone is having difficulty with 10.12. (I mean its not all that unexpected the code base has been “stable” for years, while the rest of the world has moved on.) I’m also wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of an Export script to WordPress. I mostly used my Journler instance for what I would publish to WordPress. But often some things would never make it to the public side of my publishing flow. So I have stuff in Journler still. I have become more of a web guy and could now use wordpress locally instead of Journler, if I could find a way to migrate the data. Anyone have any hints?



    Migrating out of Journler is not difficult to do, in my experience. I have never used WordPress as an administrator, but I expect that Journler’s File > Export Journal command, perhaps combined with another file conversion tool such as Pandoc, should be sufficient for preparing your Journler data for import into WordPress. (On GitHub I’ve put my own AppleScript droplet for Pandoc file conversion, which serves as a graphical front end for Pandoc.)

    When I migrated out of Journler last year (as described in this comment), I used Journler’s File > Export Journal… command to export XHTML documents; you can also select other file formats from within Journler’s Export Journal dialogue box. I recommend that you test exporting to different file formats by selecting a few entries in Journler and using the command File > Export Selected Entries, to see which file format best suits your needs. Keep the Include Header option checked. If necessary, you can run the exported files through Pandoc, and/or you can use regular expressions in your favorite search-and-replace tool to finesse the exported files before importing into WordPress. BBEdit/TextWrangler is an example of an app that provides an easy-to-use multi-file search-and-replace tool that supports regular expressions.

    If you’re technically savvy enough to run WordPress locally, everything that I’ve described above should not be difficult to do. Of course, if someone else has already created an “Export to WordPress” script, that may be the preferable option.

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