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I’ve set up a forum to¬†share tips and tricks for getting Journler to work with versions of the Mac OS since 10.6 Leopard.

The forum is also a place where we can discuss a future Journler-like product. Have ideas? Share them on the forum!

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6 Replies to “Journler Forum”

  1. What’s the latest build of Journler to work with? I have a copy of ‘JournlerAgain’ (2.7b) a rebuild by Chris Ravenscroft and the latest on the archive site seems to be 2.6b4.
    Also, as flagged above, its not possible to contribute to the forums as there doesn’t appear to be an option to register

  2. Got the forums fixed I think! Wasn’t seeing the same issue you all work because I was already logged in. Added login and register links to the forum.

    I’m not sure if this will use your same username/email/password etc as the wordpress site does or if you need a separate login. Please let me know!

    Update 1:

    Registration isn’t working though! Tracking it down.

    Update 2:

    Ok, should be working!


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